Pure Sculpt & Ice in Tampa

Pure Sculpt & Ice in Tampa

Pure Sculpt & Ice in Tampa

Pure Sculpt ® Ice Body is an organic way of sculpting, toning and slimming the body and face.  It’s a modality that has been around for decades coming from Mexico.  This unique treatment activates a natural process in the body that metabolizes fat and converts it into energy, called thermogenesis.  The frozen product (PureSculpt ICE) encourages the body’s natural process of cold induced thermogenesis, whereby fat cells burned in order to raise body temperature back to its normal state.  Toxins are the expelled naturally through the body by your lymphatic system,.  The unique combination of specially selected herb, clays and essential oils formulated to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. PureSculpt® Body ICE is organic in all aspects from the ingredients, application and recovery.  Many clients see amazing results after just the first treatment.  Best of all this treatment is 100% organic, non invasive and there is no downtime. 

Pure Sculpt & Ice Therapy

When we hear the term “Ice Therapy,” our minds may immediately jump to the application of ice to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling for injuries. However, a new twist on this concept has emerged in the form of Ice Body Sculpting. This innovative approach to Ice Therapy aims to slim and contour the body, as well as detoxify and provide other benefits.

PureSculpt Ice is a type of massage therapy that design to sculpt and contour the body using a combination of massage techniques, cryotherapy, and radiofrequency therapy. The treatment perform using a handheld device that combines massage. And cooling technology to target specific areas of the body where fat stored, such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arms.

Who addressed Pure Sculpt to?

This massage is particularly beneficial for individuals who are looking to sculpt and tone their bodies, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improve skin texture. It can also be helpful for athletes, dancers, and individuals who perform physical labor and need to maintain their body shape and muscle tone.


During a PureSculpt Ice massage, the therapist will use a handheld device to massage and cool the targeted areas. The device combines massage and cooling technology to break down fat cells and improve circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite and toning the skin. The treatment also design to stimulate collagen production, which can improve skin elasticity and texture.

Some of the benefits of PureSculpt Ice massage include:

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Enhanced muscle definition and contouring
  • Stimulated collagen production
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced muscle tension

After a PureSculpt Ice massage, it is important to drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins from the body. It also recommend to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and heavy meals for at least 24 hours after the massage. Some people may experience mild soreness or bruising after a Puresculpt Ice massage, but this usually subsides within a few days. Regular treatments typically need to achieve and maintain optimal results.

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